About Us

Stock market is a place where advice and recommendation plays a very important role in a life of every investor. Coasilat is one of the place where you will find this recommendations. Magnus Investment Blog, a part of coasilat is a investment blog controlled and authored by A.K.Goyal. There are many other associate accounts of coasilat controlled by their family member Hari Sparsh Goyal. Magnus Investment Blog is not a registered company whereas A.K Goyal is also not a registered financial advisor. But whenever he goes for writing a blog post, he always try to publish such a post that would able to help most of the investor who are confused in their investments or positions and need someone’s help or advice.

About A.K. Goyal

A.K. Goyal is professionally works in commodities related work. But their sideways interest is of Stock Market where he has spend more than 20 years in selecting good stocks. He had invested in almost all sectors in his past as a trader or investor. Now, he is of 53 years age. He started investing in stock market when he was of 30 years. Currently, he is a active trader and investor in stock market and would continue it for more possible years.

Contact Email: Magnusinvestment@coasilat.com