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chart-1905225_640In 2016, Biocon started its journey from levels of 430 and now stock is near to becoming 4 digit stock i.e 1000. When the Pharma index between 2010-2016 outperform the market, Biocon gain maximum of 100 percent, and now stock has given more than 400 percent returns in last 5 years. Technical charts of Stock is really great but fundamentally it  is becoming even more expensive everyday. For short term investment, this stock can be a great choice for traders or small investors keeping stop loss of Rs.978.


Most of the Investors have assume that Vedanta was the best stock of 2016 and that is really true. From levels of around Rs.58, stock show a sharp and stable recovery with support in metal Sector Index. And now stock is around Rs.240. Means almost 300 percent returns in just 1 year. Investors and traders who really did made a position in Vedanta had been very lucky. But going on fundamentally, stock gives really good opportunity for earning top level returns. Stock month over month is hitting new 52 week high and I think it would continue before levels of Rs.282 in Vedanta. Technical Charts of stock are really great. Buying at current levels can be risky for investor and trader but keeping a stop loss of Rs.228 can be very supportive to make a position in stock.

Tata Communication

Tata Communication is also one of the stock which had gave more than 100 percent return in 2016. Between 2014-2015 i.e 2 years, stock was trading between price band of Rs.280-470. But now this price band has increased to Rs.680 in just 1 year especially after Jio launch. I really didn’t know how this stock attract much bigger cluster of Buyer but although, in last 1 year Market Capital of Company has just doubled. Technical charts of Stock is really attractive enough to attract even more buyers and to make levels of Rs.740 possible for stock.


Technical Charts 2REC is also one of the stocks who didn’t face any Downward after Market fell almost 10 percent. Stock is almost at their 52 week of Rs.140. Stock in September 2016 was around Rs.260 but Management of Company decides to gave a bonus. After which stock splited into half and shares of Stock got doubled. Financial Condition beside Total Debt of Company is really attractive. Technical Charts of Stock are also great. By assuming technical charts for basis of deciding next levels for stock, I think Stock can climb to Rs.154.


I remember that week when shares Vakrangee fell almost 32 percent in just three days of August 2015. After that fall, stock never saw that levels of Rs.90 again and now stock is near Rs.300. In 2016, stock gave almost 100 percent return. I didn’t know deep fundamentals of stock but Technical Charts of Stock are so attractive that it can even touch Rs.320 in short term. But, I don’t think long term investment in Vakrangee would be benificial.

Balrampur Chini

Year of 2016 was really proved as a most important time for Sugar stocks. Prices of Sugar got raised and Government at different levels tries to gave relief to Sugar Sector. Stock from levels of Rs.40 in 2015 has now climbed to Rs.140 means 250 percent return in 2 years. Balambur Chini is one of the stocks who saw a larger change in their Balance Sheet and Technical charts. Charts of stock are good enough that even now stock can gave 30 percent return in short term.

Adani Power

Adani Power is also one of the stock that has seen great change in its Technical Charts. Year of 2016 was really remained not enough good for stock because stock traded just simply between its price band of Rs.22-36. But 2017 seems to be very lucky for stock beacuse adani power has just hit 52 week high of Rs.37. After going near Rs.22, stock gave sharp a swing towards Rs.30. Technical charts of stock have now changed from stable to very attractive in just 4 months. If this climb of stock continue for few more days, I don’t think level of 40 would be difficult for stock. Fundamentally, I am bullish on Power Sector. Any long term investment would be best if you invest it in Power sector.

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