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Indrapastha Gas Limited

Established in 1998, Indrapastha Gas Limited or IGL is a leading natural gas distribution company in india. The company operates primarily in the National Capital Region (NCR) of New Delhi. IGL was incorporated in 1998, to take over and operate the Delhi City Gas Distribution Project from GAIL for laying a network of gas distribution pipelines in the NCR. It also operates 416 CNG filling stations for natural gas vehicles.

In last of 2003, IGL got listed on NSE and BSE around Rs.125. And now after 13 years, IGL with Quarterly profit of Rs.150 crore and Income of around Rs.1000 crore, is trading at price of Rs.1050. After having such a great growth in stock, i would advice to give some more time to this Stock. There are two reasons for this advice. First is that Growing Consumption of CNG and other Gases. This means direct growth in Volume of Gas companies which would reflect in Financial Numbers. Second is that Balance Sheet of IGL is really good. Although, IGL is not a suitable stock for fresh investment with long-term view, but who really holds some shares of IGL should give some more time with target of Rs.1260.

Bharat Financial Inclusion

Earlier known as SKS Micro Finance, Bharat financial is a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) operates in more than 15 states. The company’s mission is to provide financial services to the poor under the premise that providing financial services to poor borrowers helps to alleviate poverty. BFIL offers life assurance and a variety of financial loans – Income Generation Loans; Mid-Term Loans; Long Term Loans; Loans for purchase of products and loans secured on gold jewellery.

Profit and income of company for the third Quarter stood at Rs.143 cr and Rs.409 cr, respectively. Although, Growth of Company depends on the undertaking capacity of taking a loan in Rular area. From my point of view, Stock would remain stable between price range of Rs.670 to Rs.990 for 5 months, unless major reform come. Fundamently, NBFCs are getting stronger due to growing interest and use of loans and EMIs. With short term perspective, I would advice to invest on those NBFCs who have didn’t shown any great upside.

Just Dial

Just Dial is a Local Search Engine Company who provides search services and also work as a Online retailer. Customers who are looking for a restaurant, hospital, bank etc in their area can use it through website or Mobile app. Customers can also search for the information of any specific business on their website Portal. Although, business modal of Just dial is impressive. But this type of business needs heavy marketing on which company is working but not as they can do.

However, in short-term, company must be take bigger steps to successfully Remain in digital Revolution going on in India. My view on stock is stable as from evaluating current market condition. For long-term, I don’t think that stock would give better returns, unless big change come in Company’s profile.

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