Market Action: Profit, loss and Investor

Real Estate sector with High potential

In this month of 2017, we seen a great rise in real estate stocks. Indiabulls real estate ran as much as 100 percent this month after its group decision of restructuring. This decision of group gain much higher interest of investors making them to look again on valuations of real estate sector. Fundamentally, this sector has much more value than its current value. With the aim of making home available for all, large reforms is been waiting for real estate sector.

At present, there are only few real estate stocks available at very low risk. Fundamentally, sobha developer is my first choice for any investment in real estate sector. Balance sheet of shobha developer has stability and reflects its potential in market. For long-term, one can buy it with a target of Rs.540.

Somewhere, i feel that HDIL can also be a great choice for long-term. I know about its past technical charts which had made it one of the most disliked stock and i think that it would not affect the future of company. DLF can also be used to buy for long-term with the hope of getting good returns. As per current conditions of real estate companies, they cannot be bought with short-term view. But as the potential real estate companies have, they can be bought with long-term view as the potential they have needs to be tranform into value which would take time.

Adani Enterprises

Like Indiabulls real, adani enterprise also gave clear and bigger breakout on its technical charts this month. But the difference is that stock has now been fell as much as was grew. There can be any reason behind this movement of stock. And who bought adani enterprise with the hope of earning little money at levels around Rs.150 is now in loss. Fundamentally, stock is not much expensive and i don’t think that there is any negative thing for its business in short-term. However, investor who bought its stock and now is in loss can hold its position for some more time (3-5 months) to earn some profit. However, there are also many other stocks in stock market like power stocks available at very low risk to earn some money.


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