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JP Associates

JP Associates is one of the top stocks who has gave wonderful returns to its investors. While many of investors who had position in stock at upper prices lost many of their investment money. So far, stock has not been able to sustain at higher prices in every short-term rally came in stock.

Considering future, the much awaited event by investors of company is of Cement deal with Ultratech which will bring down most of their debt. As per news reports, deal is expected to be complete in last of June month. But from Valuation-wise, i think Jaypee infra and JP Power are more attractive than JP Associates. But from risk-point, JP Power looks much more safe than Jaypee Infra.

But going with Technical Charts, JP Associates looks very attractive. Stock is making higher highs and lower bottoms in every rally. And now, the possible target that we could see in next one month lies between 19-21.

So, a investor can definitely buy JP Associates for short-term with target of Rs.20. But for long-term, JP Power and Jaypee Infra are much better options.

GMR Infra

GMR Infra is one of the top Infrastructure companies having high pressure on its books. On 2 June 2017, shares of GMR Infra gain as much as 20 percent after news of debt reduction of about 50 percent from its book. In last 6 months, stock has jumped as much as 100 percent making market capital double.

Fundamentally, stock is not a bad choice to invest for short-term expecting high returns with hoping more developments in company. But as the market capital of company has now reached Rs.12k crore after major debt reduction, i feel there is now less opportunity in stock for short-term. But for long-term, there can be a large opportunity for investors to invest in this company.

Amtek Auto

Amtek Auto is remain as one of the most unfortunate stock for investors in last two years. Stock from levels of nearly Rs.170 in 2015 has fell almost 90 percent. The rumour of NPA spreading across many investors of the company has pressurised the stock. Not only Amtek, but all of the Amtek Group listed companies have faced serious pressure on its stock prices.

The Good part that still remain in Company or Group is that they have good no. of assets spread across the Globe. Amtek Auto has more value than its debt on its books which gives a little satisfaction to its investors.

From present stock price, i feel stock can be very volatile in few trading sessions. However, we can see some big gains in stock for short-term. Therefore, one can try to make small position in stock for short-term with target of Rs.36. And those who were holding this stock from beyond Rs.80 can continue to hold their investment.

Indiabulls Real

Indiabulls Group is now becoming one of the favourite group of investors for any investment purpose. Indiabulls Real has delivered almost 300 percent return in last one year. After restructuring news, stock was expected to deliver good returns but not as much as it would reach levels of 200 within 2 months. Now stock is getting so much interest of investors that it may test level of Rs.240 in short-term.

Although, i think a short-term investor can hold indiabulls real and can book profit around Rs.240. But for long-term, i think there can be a great opportunity in other real estate companies rather than Indiabulls Real.


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