Stocks at 52 week high; what should you do know?

Bombay Dyeing

In recent time, stock of Bombay dyeing has shown a great run with a non-stop buying. It started its 100 percent rally from Rs.70 and now it is quoting around Rs.140. Since, no news has been released for supporting this rally till now. I think stock would perform more in market until any news released out from company. However, it can be a natural buying also from big investors upon the factor of future growth and potential.

Although, i would advice to those who bought this below Rs.80 to book some of your profit and keep holding remaing shares for long-term. While who wants to make fresh buying in stock now should look on other stocks having great potential.


In consolidate market, HFCL has rallied over 50 percent in last two months. From last 5 years, stock has not shown any big move and just moving between range of 11-25. It can possible that this short rally could end around Rs.30. However, we all have seen many stocks rallied over 400 percent when they consolidate within a limited range for a long time. Moreover, the segment in which they operate have great future. Therefore, i would advice to hold this stock for long-term as it could become a multibagger for investors.

Bharat Financial

After consolidating around Rs.750, stock has gave a nice move in week market. Even most of the sectors are not performing well due to geopolitical tensions, NBFC theme is continuing its leadership in the market. After having such a great move in other finance stocks, move coming in bharat financial looks well supported. Even from now, there is possibility that stock could show rally of 10-15 percent more. Therfore, one can hold this stock with a short-term target of Rs.1070.

Tata Global Beverages

Tata Global is among the top stocks who doubled the investors wealth in this market. At levels of Rs.110, it was extremely looking a great opportunity stock to buy for short-term. And now, stock is quoting around Rs.210. Fundamentally, company is good to buy for long-term. However for short-term, i am not carrying a much bullish call now that was suggested few months earlier.


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