Stocks that rose over 300 percent in 2017

Graphite India

Graphite India is engage in the business of manufacture of Graphite Electrode and adode in India. Graphite India Ltd operates in three segments, namely Graphite and Carbon, Power and Others. This business is so complex that a new entry is not easily possible by another company.

In recent months, prices of graphite electrode seen significant improvement which will benefit the companies in this segment. Therefore in market, investors are expecting that increase in prices would positively affect the margins of companies engage in this business. Whereas Graphite India has gave a return of over 400 percent in last one year, HEG has also delivered return of over 400 percent in same period.

From current value of graphite India, i think there has limited upside remaining for short-term. Earlier, i had suggested to buy this stock for long-term at levels of Rs120. But now when stock has rallied over 300 percent, i wouldn’t advice to hold this stock anymore for 1-2 year perspective as potential buy. However, a long-term investor can hold this stock.


Tinplate Company of India Limited is an producer of tin coated and tin free sheets. The Firm makes various grades of electrolytic tinplates, tin-free steel sheets and full hard cold rolled sheets (FHCR) used for metal packaging. The Company’s product range includes Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP) line and Cold Rolling Mill (CRM) products.

Tinplate is an another example where investors made profit of over 300 percent in last one year. Company is engage in that segment where opportunity levels seems good for long-term. However after such type of rally, i would advice to keep few profit booking at major levels.

Sterlite Technologies

Sterlite Technologies has product range which includes optical fibers, fiber optic cables and data cables through its operations in India, China, Brazil and sales network across 6 continents. Company also offers telecommunication services in designing, engineering, building & managing broadband networks. It has also acquired OSS & BSS software solutions suite through Elitecore to extend its offering to telecom softwares.

Although, sterlite tech is a good stock to hold in portfolio for long-term. But as i adviced for Graphite India, i don’t think that it would be a potential buy anymore for short-term. Therefore, i would advice to book profit and invest it in another stock having great potential.


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