Few stocks you can buy in november for short-term

short-term picks
In recent weeks, investors have tried to discover smallcap and midcap stocks where valuations are at low levels in this rising market. Therefore, we have seen some buying interest in new stocks came this week. But through my research, i have also found some opportunities for investors where they can take a look. These selected stocks have already started their rally. But exactly no one knows how much this rally would go long.


My first pick for short-term investing would be Raymond’s stock. It has given a great return in last one year to its investors. Raymond has a great presence in clothing sector of our nation. And I think most of the public are aware of their quality and presence. Company has a good product range which makes it portfolio diversify.

The most important think that i liked in fundamentals of company is that it has a market capital of around Rs6000 crore. For the quarter ended September, it posted a great rise in sales number and also posted a good profit. Marriage season has been started now and i think it will have a positive impact on the financials of the company in Q3.

For a short-term view, I think one can buy Raymond for a target of Rs.1450. However, it could be a good choice to buy for long-term also.


Jetairways is my another pick for short-term where great buying interest from investors have already seen in last few weeks. Indigo and Spicejet are now quote at a much better valuations in market than jetairways. Large negativity in book value and lower margins have always tried to pull this stock towards lower levels.

At present time, i don’t think that there is any large threat to major airway companies market share. There are also expectations that oil prices in india may come down soon. But how much would come is not sure.

However, in current market scenario, jetairways looks attractive at present levels to buy for short-term with a target of Rs850. Also, investors can go long with this stock for long-term.


DHFL is my third pick where investors should take a look. In past few months, many analysts including me have recommended to buy it. DHFL or Diwan Housing Finance Limited runs business of home loans in India. In last many quarters, company has delivered a good growth in its financials.

Whereas, most housing finance companies have already performed in market. DHFL has started its rally from last few months. Even at present levels, stock is valued at a attractive price.

I think in short-term, stock would probably give a nice return to its investors. Therefore, investors or traders can buy it for a short-term target of Rs.850. However, stock may give good returns in long-term also.



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