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HDFC Standard Life

HDFC Life is a good quality stock available to buy in our market. In last many years, HDFC has maintained a great image and goodwill in front of its both investors and customers. Recent listing of HDFC life at Rs 309 is now quoting around Rs 380. And after this listing rally, market capital of HDFC has reached the mark of Rs 80k crore, which is a huge number. As of now, i don’t think that HDFC life would be a good stock to hold for next 1 year. Stock is quoting at that price which looks little expensive for next few quarters. But if you are a long-term investor ( more than 2 years), then Yes, HDFC is a great option from largecap stocks to hold in your portfolio.

Tata Global Beverages

Tata Global Beverages or TGBL is a subsidiary company of tata group which provides non-alcoholic beverages. Company has a presemce in a world wide market. During quarter July-September, there was not any great surprise in its profit. But the consistent buying that stock has shown in last few months is somewhat surprising.

From its 52 week lows, stock has given more than 150 percent retun. For Q2, company had posted a profit of around Rs 150 crore against revenue of Rs 1600 crore. Although, after such buying, i think Rs 300 target is a good spot for investors to book their profit. At present levels, stock looks fairly valued in market. However, for long-term, i think stock has potential to give 50 percent return in next 1-2 years.

TV18 Broadcast

TV18 Broadcast is another stock which has rally over 30 percent in last few trading sessions. From around Rs 40, stock has now came to Rs 54 in this month. For Q2, company had posted a profit of Rs 7 crore against Rs 250 crore revenue which is quite fair in this sector. Fundamentally, i don’t think that this recent buying in stock would go any longer. Stock in present market conditions is fairly valued. Therefore, i think investors or traders who had bought this stock should keep a stop loss of 7-8 percent lower. However, if margins get improve in next few quarters, then there are possibility that we could see levels of Rs 80-85.

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